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Killings ignored by media

06/23/2011 | Tia Dag

I am growing worried about the rise of murders in our neighbourhood. This entire past month we keep hearing stories of the multiple murders of six or seven men each weekend.

“He drank himself to death”

06/06/2011 | Tia Dag

A view of a hillside favela in Brazil

This was a sad week for us. The father of two of our zezinhos [students] drank himself to death. Officially pronounced dead of cirrhosis, the disease had grown worse on account of the lack of medical care in public hospitals.

Dance that heals

10/20/2010 | Divya Gupta

Shampa, from Kolkata, grew up in shelter homes for girls from the age of five after both her parents died. She is now a dance instructor, trained by Kolkata Sanved (which translates roughly from Bengali as sensitivity), a local NGO that uses dance to help participants cope with mental trauma.

Emissions fears grow as Indian car sales rise

05/19/2010 | Athar Parvaiz

Indian car sales are booming thanks to easy credit and cheap manufacturing. But who is counting the environmental cost?

Micro-credit adds to women’s double burden in South Asia

01/11/2010 | Tania Ghosh

A new report has argued that micro-credits are of limited help in moving women out of poverty, and may worsen their status in the long term in South Asia.

Unhappiness of Chinese rural-urban migrants

01/04/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Rising aspirations and high expectations of city life make Chinese migrants who move from the countryside to the city less happy than people who stay in rural areas, a report claims.

Life on the fringes: the cost of health

01/29/2009 | Aasha Mehreen Amin

The rising cost of living in Dhaka’s urban slums, in Bangladesh, has made healthcare an increasingly unaffordable luxury.

Life on the fringes: survival

01/29/2009 | Aasha Mehreen Amin

Life in Dhaka's shanty towns is a perpetual struggle. Aasha Mehreen Amin spoke to men and women about life in poverty.

The rickshaw puller

03/05/2008 | Siraj Shahjahan

Forced by famine, floods and debt, an estimated nine out of ten rickshaw drivers have migrated to Dhaka, swelling the ranks of the city's urban poor.

Blinded by sand

06/14/2007 | Abbas Hassan Ahmed

When the desert crept into the village of El Ihemrat in Sudan's Northern Kordofan region, it claimed El Nour Abd Elrasol's wealth, his eyesight and his future. 

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