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Hard currency

12/15/2005 | Panos London

Tourism in Ghana is on the up, and the foreigners are bringing in much-needed hard currency. But the tourism authorities and jobless young people have clashed.

Who’s richer, who’s poorer?

11/01/2005 | Panos London

Some argue that Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers should play a central role in meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals. But are they helping, and are ordinary people being involved?  

Red tape tales

09/09/2005 | Panos London

Owning your own business is challenging, especially in Nigeria where entrepreneurs battle with red tape. Eniwoke Ibagere asked aspiring businessmen about the obstacles. 

Debts and daughters

05/26/2004 | Panos London

In Malawi household income and life expectancy are falling. Hilary Mbobe visited a village where a father resorted to selling his underage daughter into marriage to get out of debt. 

How Bangladesh plans to end hunger

05/03/2004 | Mostafa Kamal Majumder

Bangladesh is self-sufficient in cereal production, yet millions go hungry. Now the government wants small farmers to grow high yielding varieties of rice alongside other food crops.

Walking the talk of ‘trickle down’ in Kenya

05/02/2004 | John Kamau

The failure of Kenya's new government to deliver on promises of jobs is leaving the poor increasingly frustrated. Small coffee plantations in particular continue to languish in poverty.

Crunch time for nut farmers

03/02/2004 | Panos London

Like many other African countries, Senegal has cut farming subsidies and stopped offering fixed prices to nut growers. But what do peanut farmers make of the changes? Ndiaga Seck reports.  

Ethiopia’s drought and famine ‘need not go hand in hand’

02/01/2004 | Ayenew Haileselassie

Twenty years on from the 1984 Ethiopian famine, we explore the links between famine and land tenure – against the backdrop of a new government strategy to address poverty and hunger.

Cambodia’s two poverty plans

12/17/2003 | Khieu Kola

Most countries struggle with one – but Cambodia's government has got two poverty plans to put into action, each developed by a different donor.

The Tanzanian poverty puzzle: Arusha or Washington?

08/21/2003 | Panos London

Tanzania's latest attempt to cut poverty has moved the country further away from its African socialist roots. Opinion is divided on whether it's a step in the right direction.

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