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Moyeen Khan: a rebel with a cause

10/18/2006 | Moslem Uddin Ahmed

He publicly trounced Bangladesh's strategy to reduce poverty before several top officials who helped draw it up. Now Bangladesh's controversial government minister Dr Moyeen Khan explains why.

Why we’ll have to wait for a sip of Zambian coffee

08/08/2006 | Rangarirai Mberi

Many poor countries are keen to diversify from just exporting primary products, as prices – especially for agricultural commodities – are often weak. But trade barriers can frustrate their efforts.

Why the rich won’t budge on farm subsidies

07/28/2006 | John Madeley

World trade talks have collapsed in Geneva over America's and Europe's refusal to cut the billions of dollars they provide in support to their agricultural sector.

Farming future: a new world, but not so brave

07/28/2006 | John Madeley

What will agriculture in the North look like if rich governments stop subsidising their farmers? And what do developing countries stand to gain?

Signed and sealed?

05/01/2006 | Panos London

This media toolkit looks at how global trade rules are negotiated within and outside the World Trade Organization, and how journalists can raise debate on whether trade deals will benefit or damage people's lives.

Shrimping and saving

02/16/2006 | Panos London

In Bangladesh shrimps are a major export earner. But the sector has been fraught with controversy, including consumer safety standards negotiated at the World Trade Organisation. Qudrate e Moula reports.

King Sugar

02/16/2006 | Panos London

Sugar is Guyana's biggest earner, but action by Brazil at the World Trade Organisation means that high prices will be cut. Colin Smith reports. 

The last Zambian textile factories?

12/14/2005 | Mildred Mpundu

Trade negotiations at the WTO summit in Hong Kong will put pressure on countries to open up their manufacturing sectors. Is this good or bad news for the textile industry in Zambia?

Overcoming the barriers to Brazil’s cotton farmers

12/14/2005 | Sarita Coelho

The recent agreement by the US to cut cotton subsidies is a victory for farmers in Brazil. But the deal won’t prevent more job losses and plantation closures in poorer countries.

Gridlock in the global shrimp trade

12/14/2005 | Paul Molyneaux

The US has managed to protect its domestic shrimp industry by preventing cheap imports from abroad. But imposing import duties may not be the best way to support the industry.

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