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Anna Majavu

Anna has been published in The Guardian and Sydsvenskan (Swedish).

Journalism by Anna Majavu

Wendy Pekeur: trade unionist


Wendy Pekeur, union leader - Anna Majavu | Panos London

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Wendy Pekeur, trade unionist in South Africa.

Using soccer to teach about rights


This programme, called “Skillz Street”, was developed specifically for girls and is run by the NGO Grassroot Soccer. It combines activities-based HIV prevention and life skills.

Wild at heart in South Africa’s tea country


When rooibos, South Africa’s naturally caffeine-free tea, made the jump from health food store to supermarket staple it provided a lifeline for a small group of indigenous farmers. Then drought and the entry of commercial growers into the market threatened them with ruin.

Cape Town sex workers call for law reform


Vice squads in Cape Town have been cracking down on the city's sex trade ahead of the World Cup. However, female sex workers say continued criminalisation makes it harder to protect themselves against HIV.

From famine to feast


No more hunger, plentiful cheap food and small scale farmers living off the fat of the land. African activists say a continent self-sufficient in food is well within reach. But will this vision create long term problems for the continent's poorest farmers?