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Aunohita Mojumdar

Aunohita Mojumdar is an Indian freelance journalist based in Kabul since 2003. She contributes to a wide variety of media that includes but is not limited to Eurasianet, Asia Times, Himal South asia, the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, NRC Handelsblad (Dutch), Sydsvenska (Swedish), Al Jazeera, Times of India and Hindustan Times. Her reporting attempts to bring a regional perspective to the reporting on Afghanistan as well as broaden the outllook beyond the overwhelming focus on the militarized aspects of the conflict.

Aunohita has been published in El Economista (Spanish) and Gazeta (Polish).

Journalism by Aunohita Mojumdar

Afghan mothers at risk with every birth


38 years old Fariba holds her a year and half years old boy while putting down a sleep her youngest son Mustafa who was born a month ago in her home in Kabul - Farzana Wahidy | Panos London

Aunohita speaks to mothers, NGO workers and the Deputy Minister of Health in Afghanistan to examine the strains placed on women in the family – fertility, contraception and social pressures.

Afghan theatre of war comes to the stage


A woman wearing a white burqa holds a rose to her nose at a street market in Khwaja-Bahauddin - Yannis Kontos | Polaris | Panos Pictures

Emotional trauma is perhaps the single largest unreported fallout of Afghanistan’s brutal wars. This interactive theatre project aims to help the survivors cope with violence, even when facing social restrictions.

Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor


Habiba Sarobi - Aunohita Mojumdar | Panos London

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Habiba Sarobi: Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor.

Afghanistan aid groups say NATO threatens their neutrality


Humanitarian groups in Afghanistan say NATO's involvement in development aid threatens to undermine the neutrality of aid workers, as well as putting them in danger.