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Deepa Jainani

Deepa Jainani is an Indian journalist based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She writes for the Financial Express, part of the Indian Express Group. She has previously worked for the Indian Express, the Hindustan Times and Amrit Bazar Patrika in Kolkata.

Journalism by Deepa Jainani

Indian men increasingly opt to be sterilised


Jag Roshan Sharma wanted a vasectomy in order to pay his children’s school fees. The choice to limit the family sizes is increasingly common and cash incentives are offered to women living below the poverty line to use birth control.

Pink Sari gang fights injustice


Gang members demonstrate in Banda, Uttar Pradesh - Deepa Jainani | Panos London

Sampat Pal has become an unlikely heroine to tens of thousands of poor women across India as the leader of the Gulabi Gang (“gulabi”, meaning pink in Hindi, refers to the colour of their saris).

Deepa Jainani