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Deleen Powell

Deleen Powell is a producer / presenter with ZIP 103 FM, the number two station in Jamaica, West Indies.

Deleen Powell is a graduate from the University of the West Indies, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication. She has worked on campaigns with local agencies to promote responsible sexual behaviour and has conducted research into Jamaica’s political culture.

Deleen has also been a member of clubs and societies since her high school days which are aimed at preserving the environment and raising awareness about the dangers of ignoring environmental issues. When she is not producing features or completing stories to be read live on air, Deleen enjoys singing, listening to all genres of music and reading novels and academic journals.

Journalism on Panos London by Deleen Powell

Journalism by Deleen Powell

Climate change: a cold front in Jamaica


Jamaica’s farmers are worried about the weather. High winds, frosts in August and dryer conditions on the tropical island are making it harder to grow crops.