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Didier Bikorimana

Didier Bikorimana is a Rwandan freelance journalist. He read journalism and communications at the National University of Rwanda. His articles have been printed in The New Times of Rwanda, the Independent in Uganda and El Mundo in Spain, while some of his radio works have run on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). He is a regular contributor to BBC Gahuza.

Journalism by Didier Bikorimana

Gender equality in Rwanda from the grassroots up


Farmers with the fruit trees they have been given by the organisation SDA (Service au Developpement des Association) - Dieter Telemans | Panos Pictures

Women are rebuilding Rwanda from the grassroots to the highest tiers of parliament. Local journalist Didier speaks to grassroots leaders, university academics, schoolgirls and charity leaders to find out what has changed since 1994 and how they see their future.

Didier Bikorimana