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Divya Gupta

Journalism by Divya Gupta

The world’s biggest school lunch programme


India’s pledge to feed its hungry children sees it dishing up to 120 million school dinners a day. On World Food Day we visit Akshaya Patra, a charity helping deliver the world’s biggest school lunch programme.

Hunger rife among India’s tribal children


Anita feeds her 18 month old malnourished daughter Rajni at the nutritional rehabilitation centre in the pediatric ward at Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Jhansi - Sanjit Das | Panos Pictures

A new Save the Children report claims that half of all children in India are stunted from malnutrition, with many going without food entirely. Divya Gupta visited tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh to discover what it means not to have enough food.

Renting wombs


Surrogate Mothers in Anand, Gujarat, India - Suzanne Lee | Panos London

“Human beings have two main instincts: the instinct of self-protection and the instinct to reproduce,” says Dr Nayana Patel.
And she should know – she has carved out a career matching infertile couples with poor women willing to “rent their wombs”.

I was a political prisoner in Tibet for 27 years


Ama Adhe describes her incredible story to Divya Gupta about her experience of life in Tibet before the Chinese invasion of 1949, and then the life she endured as she was beset by personal tragedy and imprisonment.

Dance that heals


Shampa, from Kolkata, grew up in shelter homes for girls from the age of five after both her parents died. She is now a dance instructor, trained by Kolkata Sanved (which translates roughly from Bengali as sensitivity), a local NGO that uses dance to help participants cope with mental trauma.

Indian success as child deaths cut dramatically


"It's no age to die" says the doctor whose work has helped dramatically cut infant and maternal mortality rates across the states of Jharkand and Orissa. The NGO says its approach – which puts women centre-stage – works even in the poorest areas.