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Gokul Chandrasekar

Gokul Chandrasekar is based in Chennai, South India, where he covers environment, health and policy for The New Indian Express. He has worked in print, online, television and radio and has covered various aspects of environment ranging from policy to human rights, green business to environmental justice. He was a CCMP fellow for 2010.

Journalism by Gokul Chandrasekar

Tamil Nadu’s shrinking islets spell sea change


A fisherman in Tamil Nadu returns to shore with his Kattumaram raft and a net bursting with fish

A network of tiny islands in Tamil Nadu is shrinking due to a rise in sea water in the estuary. Experts fear the impact of a rise in sea levels on India’s coasts yet CCMP fellow Gokul Chandrasekar finds the Indian government has no regulation for the impact of climate change on the coastline.

Gokul Chandrasekar