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Hujun Li

Li is a senior environment and science writer at China's Caijing Magazine.

He previously worked as a science journalist for the Science Times Media Group and Southern Weekly. He was a Knight science journalism fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and is a co-founder of the China Science Reporting Network.

Why did you decide to be a journalist?

I majored in materials science at university, but after working briefly as a building materials engineer, I decided to move on to journalism. That meant I would earn less money, but I can tell the truth to the public. The issues I cover include science, technology, health and environment, and development is absolutely one of my main focuses.

How do you think journalists in China are keeping up with reporting development?

As we all know, China is the biggest developing country in the world. We need to benefit from the advancement of science and technology, and also to deal with health and environment problems. So professional journalists in China are trying to record the development process of the country – including the problems we face, the suggestions offered by thinkers, etc. I believe journalism should be a watchdog of this process.

Journalism by Hujun Li

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