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Imelda Abano

Imelda is a science and environmental journalist based in the Philippines.

She writes for the London-based Science and Development Network, the Inter Press Service, the US-based Women's International Perspective and the Business Mirror daily newspaper in the Philippines.

Why did you become a journalist?

To put it simply, I wanted to serve my country through providing balanced news and fearless views. I believe in better journalism for better communities.

Why do you find it important to cover development issues?

It is the responsibility of every journalist to broaden and deepen their own understanding of the issues linked to development as well as that of their audience.

What is the role of journalism for the development of your country?

Today the Philippines has a vibrant press that likes to think of itself as the freest in Asia. Today, the Philippine media is powerful. It can make or unmake political careers. Without doubt, the media has emerged as one of the strongest and most important institutions in Philippine society and a pillar of Philippine democracy.

Journalism by Imelda Abano

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