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John Kamau

Journalism by John Kamau

AIDS widows: women who lose everything


Across Africa, the AIDS pandemic is creating chaos for hundreds of thousands of women forced to leave their land and homes when their husbands die.

End of the production line for Kenyan shoemakers?


Cheap shoes from China have nearly crippled Kenya's shoe manufacturing industry. Shoemakers there blame the government for failing to protect local jobs.

Kenya is poor, just not poor enough


Many in Kenya live in poverty, yet the economy's success means it continues to service international debts. While its neighbours' payments are cancelled, some fear it will stop the country from progressing further.

Why Kenyan banks target the poor


The idea behind microfinance institutions was to fight against poverty and show mainstream banks the poor can be bankable clients. But in rural Kenya they are facing a viability crisis.

Walking the talk of ‘trickle down’ in Kenya


The failure of Kenya's new government to deliver on promises of jobs is leaving the poor increasingly frustrated. Small coffee plantations in particular continue to languish in poverty.