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Maria Valencia

María Clara is a Colombian journalist with a background in literary studies and a strong interest in the environment. She holds a Bachelor’s in Literary Studies, a Graduate Specialization in Journalism and a Master’s in Mass Communication. Her academic background has been strengthened by broad international experience (in the USA, Europe and Latin America) in journalistic research and various media. Over the past years, María Clara has worked as a freelance, based in Colombia. She covers different topics, including the environment, energy and climate change.

Journalism by Maria Valencia

Colombia: housing to fight climate change


Following a fire, planners seized the chance to build homes designed to cope with Riosucio’s increasingly devastating floods. More houses like these will be needed to adjust to Colombia’s ‘new climate reality’.

Colombia’s Indian communities join forces to beat drought


Colombia's indigenous peoples are working together to create an adaptation plan against climate change, which will bring together their own traditional knowledge with outside help from other agencies.