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Michael Simire

Michael Simire writes for the Nigerian Guardian newspaper as the housing and environment reporter.

Michael graduated from a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Nigeria in 1990 and has reported for the Nigerian Guardian newspaper since then.

Michael reports on issues related to the environment, nature conservation, sustainable development, human settlement, urban/infrastructure development, housing and real estate.

He has expanded his scope of science journalism beyond environmental science with his involvement with the World Federation of Science journalist’s peer-to-peer mentoring programme.

Journalism by Michael Simire

Polluting gas flares to electrify rural Nigeria


In Nigeria's Delta State, the UN is funding schemes to supply electricity to rural areas using waste gas usually burnt at oil wells.

Nigeria tries to save its dry north


In northern Nigeria the desert has started encroaching onto traditional farmland. As a result the Nigerian government, and NGOs, are being forced to explore different agricultural methods and other ways to mitigate the effects of climate change.