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Mildred Mpundu

Journalism by Mildred Mpundu

Poverty driving corruption


Mildred Mpundu takes a taxi ride in Zambia to uncover the reasons behind corruption among traffic officers. 

Zambian village takes on the sugar barons


Throughout southern Africa customary laws governing land management are coming into conflict with modern statutory laws that aim to put land on the market.

Loans for the poor – more than just finance


Despite being much better at repaying debts, women in Zambia find it far more difficult than men to access loans for starting up small businesses.

The last Zambian textile factories?


Trade negotiations at the WTO summit in Hong Kong will put pressure on countries to open up their manufacturing sectors. Is this good or bad news for the textile industry in Zambia?

Spare the rod… and save Zambian schoolchildren


When a primary school boy died last year after being whipped by his teacher, Zambia decided to join a growing list of countries to ban corporal punishment.