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Naresh Newar

Naresh Newar has been working as a journalist for the past 16 years writing for both local and international news agencies with special focus on armed conflict, humanitarian and environmental issues. He also worked as a the editor of Panos Radio South Asia and represented Panos Institute as one of the editors to support the CCMP fellows during the COP-15.

He is currently an independent journalist and working on his new book for 2012.

Journalism by Naresh Newar

Ethnic Nepali refugees face generation gap


In 1990 ethnic Nepalis were expelled from Bhutan, and have been displaced in Nepalese refugee camps ever since. But there's a rift between generations as younger people hope to resettle in the USA, whilst their parents and grandparents are still desperate to return to Bhutan.

Relocation dilemmas for Bhutanese refugees


In 1990 up to 100,000 ethnically Nepali Lhotsampas were expelled from Bhutan, after the government introduced a new citizenship test.