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Ochieng’ Ogodo

Journalism by Ochieng' Ogodo

Enterprise: the key to survival in Dadaab


Refugees walk along the main street in Hagadera camp in Dadaab - Piers Benatar | Panos Pictures

Dadaab refugee complex in north eastern Kenya is home to nearly half a million people. Unable to leave the camps without travel permits and unable to officially work due to Kenyan employment laws, many residents have turned entrepreneur to survive.

Promising education


When the Kenyan government scrapped primary school fees, it was a step toward the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal of giving every child a primary school education by 2015.

The real cost of cut flowers


Kenya's economy is benefiting from exports to rich markets in the North. But the transportation of these products by air is seen as a key culprit of greenhouse gas emissions.

Scratching the bare earth for food


A major UN report warns that Africa faces the greatest immediate dangers of climate change. Tens of millions of poor rural Africans are experiencing the grim realities of global warming first hand.

The benefits of biodiversity: winners and losers


Recent cases of patents claimed on drugs and crops deriving from traditional knowledge may have grabbed headlines, but have often resulted in a poor deal for indigenous groups.

Cartagena Protocol – what does Africa do now?


The Biosafety Protocol meeting in Brazil has concluded. But, as Ochieng' Ogodo reports, many African countries are concerned about their ability to implement the measures they've signed up to.