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Pierre Fitter

Pierre Fitter lives in Delhi where he reports on the environment and foreign affairs. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Socio-Legal Sciences and is studying for a Masters in Political Sciences. Pierre spent a year and a half in China and Russia, where he worked for AIESEC, an international youth leadership development organisation. While with AIESEC, he developed a deep interest in sustainable development and international relations and continues to report on these issues to this day. He has a special interest in Environment and climate change in particular.

Journalism by Pierre Fitter

Adopting a negotiator


The UN's climate change negotiations can be dreadfully stuffy talk shops to outsiders but for one group of young people they're totally gripping. For the last year 13 students from counties around the world have been shadowing negotiators from their home countries at these events.

Did state politics shelve the GM aubergine?


Last week India halted the commercial release of the world’s first genetically modified aubergine, or brinjal as it is known locally. While public interest has been hailed as the reason for sending the vegetable into cold storage, Pierre Fitter says it’s all about state politics.