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Salome Alweny

Salome is a reporter at Monitor Publications Limited in Uganda.

She has a background in environmentalism, with a degree in Environmental Management from Makerere University in Kampala.

Why did you decide to change from environmentalism to journalism?

All my life I have dreamed of doing something for my country. I dreamt of influencing policies, but more importantly teaching a wider group of people how to live sustainable lives in harmony with the environment. I knew the only way to teach men and women in my country would be through the media – that’s why I chose to follow this path.

Why do you find it important to cover development issues?

I decided to report about development because everything in the world seems to be changing. I see a need for guidance so that development takes place without causing harm to the environment – on which we all depend for our livelihood. In Uganda, as we strive to industrialise – for instance when we adopt biofuel as replacement for fossil fuel – the question we must always ask is how we can do so without threatening fragile ecosystems like forests and wetlands. I believe journalism serves to educate and inform the public about issues that affect them – and to advocate for sound and favourable policies that benefit every citizen.

Journalism by Salome Alweny

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