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Samba Yonga

Samba Yonga is a journalist working in Zambia with an interest in current affairs and development work.

Ms Yonga is currently the editor of the Zambian edition of the Big Issue. Launched in 2007 it is now available in a number of locations in the country. She also freelances for a number of international media organisations.

She has been interested in writing from an early age. After winning an award for writing a short story, she decided that journalism is the path that she wanted to pursue. Even before graduating from college Samba Yonga was already working in the media corresponding for a local newspaper, she focused on injustices and policy change. Her interest in advocacy led her to produce radio programmes that focused on changing and improving policy for young people. This passion was taken into her next job when she was appointed to run the award winning youth magazine Trendsetters (an advocacy, HIV/AIDS and behaviour change focus magazine) that was re-launching and taking on a new approach.

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Samba Yonga