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Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

Ssemuju is a political reporter based in Kampala, Uganda.

He studied Mass Communication at university. "Apart from the power to help the helpless, I enjoy making a contribution towards the betterment of life," he says.

Why is it important to cover development issues?

I enjoy development journalism because I like influencing the direction of policies. This is largely because I come from a village. Village life is so hard in Uganda. I have grown up suffering and I continue to see people suffer because of the lack of medical facilities, safe water, electricity and roads. Village people live in abject poverty. I want to make a change in these people’s lives.

What are the main challenges in covering development in Uganda?

The role of the journalist in Uganda is more or less the same as anywhere else. We have succeeded in reversing some bad policies but our governments are still less accountable than in some other countries. Development news is less covered by our media because politics, defence and economical stability are considered the key issues. And besides, it is more expensive to cover a development story than to attend a press conference given by an MP or the President.

Journalism by Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

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