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Tharuka Dissanaike

Tharuka Dissanaike is a Sri Lankan journalist and former features editor of the Sunday Observer.

Journalism by Tharuka Dissanaike

Government inaction worsens plight of Sri Lankan child fighters


At the age of 15 Ramya was kidnapped by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to fight in the violent separatist war against the Sinhala-majority government.

Sale or sell out? Sri Lanka’s farmers and land reform


Although small farmers in Sri Lanka have been granted free land for over 70 years, they are forbidden from selling it. Now the government is considering opening up the land market.

Have a baby in Sri Lanka and lose your job


Overworked, underpaid, casual-contracted, yet unorganised women are the backbone of Sri Lanka's garment industry – a sector that is vital to the country's economy.