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Zarina Geloo

Zarina Geloo is a freelance writer specialising in development issues.

Journalism by Zarina Geloo

ARV treatment can work miracles


Aliness Munyanta and her 20-month-old daughter in Lusaka - Zarina Geloo | Panos London

Aliness Munyanta speaks to us about how Anti RetroViral treatment helped her to conceive a beautiful baby girl after losing two children to AIDS.

Poor remain thirsty in water-rich Zambia


Surface water covers more than 6 per cent of Zambia’s land mass but its poorest people are unable to access safe water and adequate sanitation.

What the Zambian government won’t say…


Women make up the majority of people living with AIDS in Zambia, but they are the least likely to receive treatment. Husbands usually claim priority over their wives.