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February 2012

This month we celebrated the first ever World Radio Day and proudly sponsored London’s first International Student Film Festival. Scroll down to find out more. There’s two very different stories from Brazil: the moving story of Amazon activist whose life is under threat from illegal loggers, and the struggles of Haitian migrants fleeing their devastated country. Plus regular updates from our bloggers in Mali, Pakistan and India and insights from the Panos London team.

A man walks by a cinema signboard being painted for a Pakistani film in Lahore - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

The real face of Pakistan

Rina Saeed Khan discusses the state of Pakistan from the inside – from the Taliban and ‘Halal’ police to café culture and boy bands.

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Threatened Actvist - Nilcilene Miguel de Lima, a small farmer threatened to death. She is a local forest-activist in Lábrea, south of the State of Amazonas, Brazil - Lilo Clareto | Panos London

Killings in the Amazon: “I am alone in this war”

The Brazilian government claims destruction of the Amazon has fallen to its lowest level in 23 years. However, environmental activists continue to be threatened and killed by illegal loggers. Ana Aranha met one woman forced into hiding by assassins.

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Empowerment Radio by Birgitte Jallov

Empowerment radio: voices building a community

Birgitte Jallov talks about her new book, Empowerment Radio, and the potential for community radio to make a powerful, positive change for communities.

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Anita feeds her 18 month old malnourished daughter Rajni at the nutritional rehabilitation centre in the pediatric ward at Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Jhansi - Sanjit Das | Panos Pictures

Hunger rife among India’s tribal children

A new Save the Children report claims that half of all children in India are stunted from malnutrition, with many going entirely without food. Divya Gupta visited tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh to discover what it means not to have enough to eat.

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Panos London - 2011/04/07 - Manaus, Brazil - Haitians - Many Haitians are moving to Brazil to escape the destruction caused by the earthquake in their country.They come looking for work opportunities and want to establish residence. They are coming in groups, arriving in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil, after months of travel, facing the difficulties of the resumption in a new country.

Haitian immigrants struggle for a better life in Brazil

This month the Brazilian government announced it would provide aid to two north-west states where over 4,000 Haitians have moved after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Ana Aranha met the people hoping to rebuild their lives.

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‘Be included’

We asked festival-goers at London’s Student Film Festival if they had the opportunity to make a film with an individual or group who they feel are invisible or misrepresented in the UK media – who would they pick and why?

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Bhan talking to an elderly village woman in Nagrabeda - a village where Maoists are very active. Despite many challenges, somewomen in the vilage have now started a community welfare group - Stella Paul | Panos London

Fight for justice pays off for girl injured in crossfire

Bhan Sahu blogs about community relations and how she keeps in contact with the people in surrounding villages. She explains why maintaining good relationships is the key to hearing of success on the ground.

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Kadia Keita, a local midwife, is pictured with some of the babies that she has helped to deliver at the health centre in Bomau village - Abbie Trayler-Smith | Panos Pictures

Making pregnancy safer in Mali

Kaidia talks to us about pregnancy in Mali – the current risks and the changes that are helping to improve the health of mothers and children.

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A student heads home with his books from the Mohripur Government Primary School. The school has no desks and no electricity - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

School books are being priced out of reach

Maimoona tells us about rising book prices hitting the poorest students at her school in Pakistan and how some families struggle to cope. What would you do to support a school child in need?

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The location of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris - Tim Williams | Panos London

13th February: what’s in a date?

Tim Williams had the pleasure of voting through the proposal for World Radio Day at the UNESCO general conference. But who would have guessed that establishing a date would be such a diplomatic minefield?

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