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July 2012

Winners need guts, ingenuity and persistence. Which just about sums up Mohammed Bashir Sheik, the IT entrepreneur who designs websites from Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp. He is interviewed by Kenyan journalist Dann Okoth this month and it’s well worth a read. Free media and good governance are frequently cited as going hand in hand. A Panos London blog highlights what the leading thinkers actually say on the matter. And Blogger Bhan Sahu is back and preparing to walk 350km to assert the rights of farmers and forest dwellers over their land.

Refugees walk along the main street in Hagadera camp in Dadaab - Piers Benatar | Panos Pictures

Enterprise: the key to survival in Dadaab

Dadaab refugee complex in north eastern Kenya is home to nearly half a million people. Unable to leave the camps without travel permits and unable to officially work due to Kenyan employment laws, many residents have turned entrepreneur to survive.

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Refugee turns web designer in world’s largest camp

Mohammed Bashir Sheik has never left Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee complex, but that hasn’t stopped him learning how to create and host websites, set up a small business and teach others how to use computers.

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Two men read newspapers on the street of Lagos, Nigeria, on the day of presidential elections - Jacob Silberberg | Panos Pictures

Media and governance: what the academics say

Is there a link between the media and good governance? Development communications consultant and Panos London governing board trustee, Mary Myers, gives us a who’s who line-up of academics whose work gets to the heart of the matter.

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Women in Gwelekoro village, where Kaidia Samaké lives, pound cereals. This year the harvest was poor due to lack of rain and the amount of food they were able to store has already run out - Andrew Esiebo | Panos London

Mali villagers too hungry to fast for Ramadan

As the food crisis worsens in Mali, our blogger Kaidia Samaké fears she will not be able to observe Ramadan this year as she does not have the nutritious food needed to break her fast when the sun goes down each evening.

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Villagers take part in a non-violent march to demand their rights to land and resources - Ekta Parishad

‘Land and natural resources must belong to the people’

In her latest blog Bhan Sahu tells us about a non-violent civil resistance movement, inspired by Gandhi, which aims to bring about social and land reform in India.

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Women gather in a tent in rural Nepal to hear the details of a health project - Peter Barker | Panos Pictures

At last: tailor-made planning for NGOs

Bec Shaw Crompton, Panos London’s head of programme operations, explains why Panos has adopted a new approach to project management.

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