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March 2012

Welcome to this month’s newsletter in which we hear from two pioneering women: Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor, Habiba Sarobi, and Rebecca Namayanja, a Ugandan, who defied local taboos and overcame poverty to set up a thriving fishing business. There are also blogs from our regular writers who discuss education, campaigning and justice for women and girls. Plus an insight into the world of environmental wrangling with the publisher of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. We hope you enjoy it.

Designing technology with girls in mind

Disadvantaged women and girls need to be involved in information technology from the design stage, says Clodagh Miskelly, who calls on ICT developers to make this happen.

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Raghunathpur - Mary's village in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh state in India where she became the first Dalit girl to go to school - Stella Paul | Panos London

Leadership is sometimes not an option, but a duty

Our new blogger Mary Madiga, who was the first Dalit girl in her community to go to school, reflects on changing religion and being educated when social stigma was pushing against her.

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A rape survivor in the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre - Sven Torfinn | Panos Pictures

‘Mob justice’ follows rape allegation

Ambra’s support group is helping a young girl who became the victim of ‘mob justice’ after a Manipur policeman’s suicide put her in the firing line.

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Discussing healthcare in a Beyond Consultation workshop - Andrew Testa | Panos London

Talking and listening together to make healthcare better

Panos London, working with Naz Project London, is pleased to announce a new publication – Beyond Consultation: a guide for health commissioners.

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Rebecca Namayanja at a local fish market - Kabangala Mohammed | Panos London

Rebecca Namayanja: fisherwoman

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Rebecca Namayanja, who is taking on the traditionally male-dominated job of being a fisherwoman in Uganda.

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Habiba Sarobi - Aunohita Mojumdar | Panos London

Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Habiba Sarobi: Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor.

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Two women taking part in the community consultation - Stella Paul | Panos London

Right to live: a community-led campaign in the making

When many people are being forced to migrate into cities to find work, Bhan Sahu has been helping rural Indian communities work together to challenge corruption and make the most of government employment schemes in their own villages.

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Langston James Goree VI - photo courtesy of IISD

Earth summit’s special correspondent

Langston James ‘Kimo’ Goree VI, Director of IISD Reporting Services, has a ringside seat at high-level environmental negotiations. Kimo talks to Tim Williams about transparency, marginalised voices and staying ahead of the media and communications curve.

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Students in the village of Panchkasi walk about 5km every day to get to the nearest government primary school - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

We need to talk about our children

As Maimoona laments another student whose education has come to an end prematurely, she reflects on the importance of teachers and parents communicating well for the benefit of the children.

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Children in the village school in Gwelekoro, Mali

Parents now see the importance of education

Kaidia Samake is on the village school management committee. She encourages children to go to school and their parents to allow them.

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