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April 2012

We want world-class journalism from seldom-heard corners of the globe to reach a bigger audience. And we’re getting there. Hear how editors from Panos London helped five talented reporters from Asia, Africa and Latin America to break into the European newspaper market. As World Press Freedom Day approaches on May 3, some thought-provoking ideas from the Philippines on the future of journalism and social media. Plus articles on climate change and our regular bloggers.

Picture training at Panos - Anne Mireille Nzouankeu | Panos London

Delivering stories from the ground is crucial

Read about what some of our journalists have to say about their experiences of writing for Europe and visiting national newspapers, as they reflect on the successes of the Linking Southern Journalists project.

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Ana Aranha speaks with other journalists from the Linking Southern Journalists project when visiting Panos London - David Dahmen | Panos London

“I was filled with hope and ideas for new possibilities”

“One could say it was a reaction typical from a journalist, but it took me a long time to believe the trip was true. I thought that being invited to meet editors from European newspapers – with all expenses paid – was just too good to be true.”

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Purple and Armsfree chat with Swedish editors and discuss story ideas - David Dahmen | Panos London

Journalism can still be dynamic, thanks to social media

“The growth of social media has helped established news organisations such as the Guardian, which we visited, make it possible for voices from other parts of the world to be heard amid the economic crunch.”

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The most dramatic way to see the extent of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is from the air - Eduardo Martino | Panos Pictures

Mighty agro-lobby threatens reforestation of Amazon

Brazil has dramatically slowed down the rate of Amazon deforestation in the past six years. But restoring the rainforest is huge challenge that is meeting powerful political opposition.

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Okoikpi inspecting a tree seedling in the Akasanko forest - Armsfree Ajanaku | Panos London

Persuasion, prison and hard cash: how Nigeria is halting rainforest loss

This article, written for the Climate Change Media Partnership, looks into what is being done in Nigeria to allow local rainforests to begin to grow back.

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A beautiful living stream - Faisal Raza Khan | Panos London

Paradise runs out of water

The Kashmir mountains are a beautful setting, but the impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt as the water seems to be drying up.

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A Mali woman listens to the radio - Andrew Esiebo | Panos London

We must lead Mali toward progress

Kaidia speaks her mind about the recent coup in Mali and reflects on what these changes could mean for the rural south of the country.

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Salam ongbi Patamo is now not just a local celebrity - Anjulika Thingnam | Panos London

From hard labour to champion runner

Salam ongbi Patamo has always had a passion for running, but never expected to win three gold medals. She tells us about how the National Masters Athletic Championships changed her life.

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A Dalit woman reads the programme at the 2006 Vanangana conference in Chitrakoot. Vanangana, a women's group dedicated to human rights issues, receives strong support from the Dalit community - Ami Vitale | Panos Pictures

We are fighting a deep-rooted system of exclusion

Mary Madiga blogs about how she became involved in politics and her dedication to democracy.

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