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November 2012

We have a sad announcement to make this month with the news that the Panos London office will close in March 2013. But it is also time to reflect on the great work that Panos has done and to celebrate the work that will be continued by the Panos Network offices around the world. A great example of this is the inspiring film Under a Different Sky. Narrated by Yongmi Park, a North Korean woman, it describes the circumstances leading up to her forced marriage in China, her internment and her survival. There’s a photo gallery from Liberia about Mercy Womeh, a teenage girl who is so determined to finish high school she pays for her fees by crushing rocks. Plus there’s the story of Shujaaz, a comic and radio drama that is helping millions of young Kenyans change their lives, a Q&A with Javie Ssozi of Uganda Speaks and a feature about the world’s biggest school lunch programme.

Under a Different Sky: a journey from North Korea

Under a Different Sky is a short film that tells the story of Yongmi Park, who escaped from North Korea and now lives in the North of England with her family. Read accounts about the background of the film, including from Yongmi Park herself.

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Video: Under a Different Sky

Yongmi Park grew up in North Korea, but now lives in the north of England with her family. In this nine minute film Mrs Park describes the circumstances leading up to her forced marriage in China, and how on escape, she was sentenced to hard labour in North Korea. This is her story of survival.

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Breaking rocks to pay her school fees

Like many Liberians, Mercy Womeh missed several years of education as a result of the 14-year civil war. She is now 18 and determined to complete her final two years of schooling. To fund her education, she crushes rocks.

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Panos London to close but the work goes on

In March 2013, the London office of the Panos Network will close following an extensive review of operational costs, the external funding environment and strategic direction.

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Q&A with Javie Ssozi of Uganda Speaks

Uganda Speaks gives Ugandans a platform to tell their side of the story as well giving people a chance to highlight stories of positive change. Founder Javie Ssozi spoke to Lilly Peel, about KONY2012 and about how mobiles and social media are giving people the power to tell their own story.

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The world’s biggest school lunch programme

India’s pledge to feed its hungry children sees it dishing up to 120 million school dinners a day. On World Food Day we visit Akshaya Patra, a charity helping deliver the world’s biggest school lunch programme.

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Comic book hero for Kenya’s Twitter generation

They say you shouldn’t change a winning formula. Sex sells – it’s been doing it for Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood for decades. And it goes for development too.
Lilly Peel finds out how.

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