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October 2011

Welcome to the October edition of the Panos London newsletter. Recently, we’ve published a resource on urban hunger. There’s some thought-provoking material from journalists in India and Tanzania. We were also very sad to hear of the death of Professor Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist and the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize, who you can listen to in our archived interview below.

Wangari Maathai on GM food

Kenyan Nobel prize winning researcher Wangari Maathai talks in this 2005 radio feature about genetically modified food, and why she believes Africa needs to have more confidence in its own scientific research. 

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Inside a Kampala Slum

Hungry in the City

Hungry in the City is a collection of stories from people in developing countries around the world who explain how they are surviving in an era of higher food prices, inflation and hunger.

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A farmer admires his cotton fields that have been supported by contract farming.

Cheating agents cut out of cotton deals

Being cheated by agents – middlemen who buy farmers’ cotton and sell it on to ginneries, where cotton is processed into lint for export – is one of the many hardships of being a cotton farmer in Tanzania.

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A woman using a mobile phone in her car.

Mobile phone links to violence against women

The rise in popularity of mobile phones in Manipur has opened up new avenues of gender discrimination and violence against women.

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A woman walks home caught in in a monsoon storm in Dhaka.

Next steps for the Noor Education Trust

Zubaida Noor tells us what’s being happening recently with her NGO and what her ideas for the future are.

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An elderly member of the Turkana community stands in a field which has not produced since 1997 due to lack of water - Frederic Courbet / Panos Pictures

Wind powers Kenya’s growth

Panos journalist Evelyn Kahungu visited the shores of Lake Turkana to investigate plans to build Africa’s biggest wind farm.

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