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October 2012

We’re looking for competition entries from talented radio reporters and citizen journalists in partnership with Connect4Climate and TerrAfrica. The top prize is a trip to the UN’s COP18 climate change conference in Doha to report on the negotiations for TerrAfrica Green Radio. Scroll down for details and for a chance to read the latest from our powerful community correspondents in Kenya, Mali and India.

Radio competition: win a trip to COP18

Do you have a story to tell about climate change? Would you like to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 18) in Doha, Qatar, to cover the events for TerrAfrica Green Radio? If the answer is yes, then read on!

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‘Dazzle me’ editor tells climate change journalists

As climate change is pulled down the news agenda, how do journalists in countries most affected by climate change get their readers excited about the topic?

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Mali: small steps to women’s economic empowerment

Women traditionally cannot own land in Mali, making it hard for rural women to earn money. Kaidia explains how the women’s association in her village helps women earn money and distributes loans.

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Gender equality starts at home

What’s the best way to engage young people in social movements and politics? Bhan Sahu explains the small steps helping to create a new generation of leaders who want to change the system from the bottom upwards.

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