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September 2011

Welcome to our September newsletter. Panos London celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and we are marking this by calling on the European media to open their doors to journalists in developing countries. Journalists such as the talented Brazilian reporter Ana Aranha, who seeks out the voices we rarely get to hear. Read her inspiring story of women working in Brazil’s construction industry and watch her video of a teacher who escaped a life of drug dealing in the favelas.

Panos London's journalism includes the opinions and voices of people most affected by development issues

PANOS – 25 years in news and pictures

As Panos London celebrates its 25th anniversary, the charity says it is time for European media to open the door to developing country journalists

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Sandra Ferreira de Souza sieves piles of earth which she will use for making bricks

Brazil: women builders construct new lives

A group of women in Brazil have learned the basics of the building trade, thanks to Lua Nova, a non-profit organisation that helps pregnant women facing high-risk situations such as homelessness, drug addiction and domestic violence.

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Casa do Zezinho provides children in one of São Paulo's favelas with a safe place to learn and play

Video: a reformed drug dealer speaks

Brazilian journalist, Ana Aranha, has produced a video blog in which Tia Dag, director of the Brazilian NGO and school, Casa do Zezinho, interviews one of her ex students, known as Nene.

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Women in Manipur organise symbolic burnings of toy guns in protest against gun culture

Toy guns burnt in protest

Women in NE India, tired of years of conflict, burn the toy guns they see as embodying the violent culture surrounding their children.

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A couple stands in a new house built with help from Czech NGO People in Need. Zubaida Noor's NGO is also building homes for flood victims.

Pakistan: land bought for flood victims

A year after Pakistan’s devastating floods, the NGO trying to re-house flood victims begins, says it is finally making some progress.

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In Manipur, northeast India, HIV/AIDS has spread from injecting drug users to their wives and children

Stigma haunts HIV/AIDS widows

Our blogger in Manipur, northeast India, explains how stigma surrounding HIV is a matter of life and death.

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