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Our values


  • We believe that embracing the views of poor and marginalised people is essential for sustainable and effective development.
  • Taking part in dialogue and debate contributes to a healthy and vibrant society.


  • We believe that poor and marginalised people should drive and shape the changes needed to improve their lives.
  • We enable people to share information and ideas, speak out and be heard.


  • We believe people need accessible information reflecting a wide range of views.
  • This allows them to make informed choices about crucial issues that have an impact on their lives.


  • We respect different views, value local knowledge and encourage a range of approaches in our work worldwide.
  • We believe that freedom of information and media diversity are essential for development.


  • We shed light on ignored, misrepresented or misunderstood development issues.
  • We believe that the views of poor and marginalised people give greater insight into their lives and offer unique perspectives on the challenges they face.