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Panos in Guardian competition

As part of their International Development Journalism competition the Guardian has printed two special supplements to their newspaper. Projects that Panos is involved with have been featured in both the supplements.

One of the winners has written an article following a series of young journalists being trained by Panos Caribbean. Working at the intersection between development and the media Panos Caribbean’s media training programme offers the opportunity for young people to gain skills, and become involved in the media. The article investigates how HIV/AIDS remains taboo within Jamaican society, and how young people’s voices are not regularly appearing in the media. You can read the full article online here.

The rest of the supplement features eight other articles including Deforestation in north Tanzania, maternal health in Nepal and the HIV crisis in Lesotho.

The Guardian published their second supplement on Monday, featuring an article about Bangladesh's 'info-ladies', an article Panos London helped to facilitate. The full article can be read here.

All the articles from the two supplements can be read on the Guardian’s website. The amateur journalist features are at:, whilst the professional journalist features are at:

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