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Panos London launches Relay website

Researcher conducts a health survey in Bangladesh / Jenny Matthews - Panos pictures

Relay website to share resources on reporting research

A new website which offers practical information for researchers wishing to communicate their findings and helps journalists engage with development research was launched by Panos London today.

The website offers resources, guides, case studies, reports, updates and monthly blogs for those interested in working with the media to report research. A key aim is to share learning and results from Panos London’s Relay programme and to highlight examples of exciting work in the field of reporting research.

The Relay programme brokers relationships between journalists and researchers in developing countries, and builds the skills of research organisations and the media. In the past six years, Relay has developed approaches which help journalists to draw on the knowledge and skills of researchers when reporting on development issues. It also supports researchers to engage with the media to so that their research findings can contribute to public knowledge and policy debates.

Relay is coordinated by Panos London and implemented in partnership with Panos Network institutes, including Panos Eastern Africa and Panos South Asia.

Panos London’s Executive Director, Mark Wilson said, “The site has been developed as a result of interest from research organisations and communication partners for Relay to share tools, insights and knowledge on engaging with the media and increasing the impact of valuable research work. The site will act as a platform for practical resources, good practice, innovative projects and shared knowledge.”

“Research findings are often complex and usually shared within the academic community. Approached correctly, the media can help turn research findings into powerful stories for news and features that are directly relevant to a wide range of audiences. Our experience has demonstrated that this can be done successfully in raising awareness and understanding of development research results when both journalists and researchers are actively engaged with the debates at hand.”

The Relay programme bridges the gaps that prevent important policy-related research findings from reaching wider audiences and influencing policy decisions. The aims of the programme include developing skills among journalists and strengthening alliances among different stakeholders who can influence policy outcomes.

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