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Positive voices

There are increasing numbers of women in South Asia who have been infected with the HIV virus by their husbands who have contracted the virus through injecting drug use or from out-of-marriage sex whilst living as migrants. These women often do not come forward for testing, fearing stigma and discrimination. This project will highlight the invisibility of women living with HIV and AIDS who do not fall into any high-risk group like sex workers or injecting drug users, but who are equally vulnerable to HIV.

This project will empower women with skills and opportunities to communicate their experiences, concerns and solutions to a range of audiences. Not only will this work amplify their voices to service providers and policymakers but most importantly increase awareness among women themselves.

Latest updates

A snapshot of life

Migrants who tell their own stories defy the common labels of victim or scrounger and provide a powerful counterpoint to mainstream reporting, says Clodagh Miskelly.

Our project highlights the invisibility of women living with HIV and AIDS in South Asia.


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