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The Waria’s War

12/01/2010 | Purple Romero

When Bea became a sex worker in the red light district of Jakarta, Indonesia, she knew she needed to use condoms to protect herself from HIV but her clients refused to use them.

Female migrants’ isolation heightens HIV risk in Cambodia

07/12/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Female garment workers in Cambodia who have migrated to the capital are more exposed to a risk of HIV infection because of the changes in their social and economic circumstances, a new report claims.

Opinion: Don’t make China the scapegoat for climate change failures

02/17/2010 | Sun Yu

With ambitious targets and multi-billion dollar investment in clean technologies, Sun Yu, chief writer for Environmental Protection magazine in Beijing, says China  deserves credit for its climate policies.

Labour camps increase HIV risk amongst sex workers in China

02/15/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Chinese sex workers who are sent to labour camps have a higher risk of contracting HIV than those who are not, a report has found. It also indicates that HIV prevelence is much higher in cities, which have camps, compared to those without.

Unhappiness of Chinese rural-urban migrants

01/04/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Rising aspirations and high expectations of city life make Chinese migrants who move from the countryside to the city less happy than people who stay in rural areas, a report claims.

Curbing climate change: what’s in it for China?

06/18/2009 | Ke Xu

China's stance is seen as key to the success of a post-Kyoto climate change agreement. Ke Xu explores some of its carbon-cutting options.

Forest rights row exposes cracks in UN climate plans

05/27/2009 | Hilary Chiew

Landless farmers, in Indonesia and Malaysia, fear they will suffer if tropical countries get cash to save forests.

What Bali means for China

03/07/2008 | Hujun Li

China played a critical negotiating role in the fraught UN climate summit in Bali. Its next challenge is to satisfy the demands of the world's media.

Food versus fuel in the Philippines

03/07/2008 | Imelda Abano

The Philippine government wants farmers to plant crops for biofuels on a vast scale. But could the quest for green energy create food shortages?

Migrants in the big city

03/01/2007 | Chen Xuefei

China has achieved spectacular economic growth in the last two decades. But what is life like for the rural labourers flocking to the big cities in search of work?

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