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Headteacher faces down the Taliban

07/02/2012 | Rina Saeed Khan

'Educate one girl and you educate a household' teacher Gul-e-Khandana saved her school from the Taliban - Muhammed Furqan | Panos London

Gul-e-Khandana, headteacher of a girls’ school in rural Pakistan, challenged the Taliban soldiers who came to destroy her school. Our journalist Rina speaks to her about the importance of educating girls.

Afghan mothers at risk with every birth

06/14/2012 | Aunohita Mojumdar

38 years old Fariba holds her a year and half years old boy while putting down a sleep her youngest son Mustafa who was born a month ago in her home in Kabul - Farzana Wahidy | Panos London

Aunohita speaks to mothers, NGO workers and the Deputy Minister of Health in Afghanistan to examine the strains placed on women in the family – fertility, contraception and social pressures.

Afghan theatre of war comes to the stage

05/10/2012 | Aunohita Mojumdar

A woman wearing a white burqa holds a rose to her nose at a street market in Khwaja-Bahauddin - Yannis Kontos | Polaris | Panos Pictures

Emotional trauma is perhaps the single largest unreported fallout of Afghanistan’s brutal wars. This interactive theatre project aims to help the survivors cope with violence, even when facing social restrictions.

Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor

03/08/2012 | Aunohita Mojumdar

Habiba Sarobi - Aunohita Mojumdar | Panos London

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Habiba Sarobi: Afghanistan’s first and only woman governor.

Publications mark the arrival of seven-billionth child

11/04/2011 | Panos London

Robert Sserunjogi from Kampala, Uganda and his wife, Janet Nalweiso, plan to have two children. For now they are focusing on bringin up their only son, Eric. The photographer has previously been trained and equipped by Panos - Wambi Michael | Panos London

This week we had a series of features published in the Swedish national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet to coincide with the birth of the world’s seven billionth baby.

Satellite broadcasting gag threatens development

04/11/2008 | Panos London

Mark Wilson believes the recent clampdown on satellite broadcasters in Arab League countries threatens to damage the wellbeing of millions.

Tug-of-war over Islamic headscarf

03/05/2004 | Serpil Karacan Sellars

Turkey banned headscarves over 20 years ago, and the debate is still raging. It now symbolises a wider political battle over what sort of state Turkey should be.

Saddam Hussein behind bars but Iraqi women still prisoners of fear

12/01/2003 | Nazaneen Rashid

In the chaos of post-war Iraq women and girls are prisoners in their own homes, unable to go to work or school – let alone influence the future course of Iraq.

Soldiers and the after-shocks of war

10/03/2003 | Panos London

Arthur Neslen hears from two former Israeli soldiers how their experiences of fighting in the Occupied Territories changed their lives.  

My terrorist

09/25/2003 | Panos London

Yulie talks about the friendship and reconciliation that has developed between her and Fahad Mihyi, the Palestinian who wounded her in a terrorist attack. 

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