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Common knowledge


All human development is based on the acquisition, spread and use of knowledge. But unequal access to knowledge can create injustice.

Sexual health services for adolescents


Many young people worldwide face obstacles in accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services. Here a Panos London editor offers an insight into some of the areas to explore around the issue.

Banking, money transfers and ICTs


In this article an editor from Panos London offers some of the topics that you could explore in relation to banking, money transfers and ICT.

Women in the information society


Many policy-makers believe ICTs can help women overcome dependence on men by providing employment. Here a Panos London editor offers ideas of how to develop a story around the topic of women in information society.

Common ground? Investigating the importance of managing land


Research shows that people’s capacity to access and use land is important for economic growth, for poverty reduction, and for promoting both private investment and transparent, accountable government. Governments have a responsibility to establish systems which ensure access to land and housing for

Good choice: the right to sexual and reproductive health


Access to sexual and reproductive health services is vital in preventing unnecessary  deaths of men and women. Yet around the world, governments and health organisations do not prioritise spending on these services.

Ensuring a food secure future


Why the media have a crucial role in highlighting food security – and not just in times of crisis.

Fuelling controversy


The extent to which biofuels can play a beneficial role in replacing fossil fuels is hotly debated.

Making or missing the links?


Examining the polarised debate on the links between trade liberalisation, economic growth and poverty reduction.

Going the last mile


For many people, communication facilities are unreliable, slow and costly – and wireless technology could transform the situation.

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