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Media Briefs

Going the last mile


For many people, communication facilities are unreliable, slow and costly – and wireless technology could transform the situation.

Who’s richer, who’s poorer?


Some argue that Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers should play a central role in meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals. But are they helping, and are ordinary people being involved?  

Dollar divide, digital divide

Exploring the controversy surrounding the Digital Solidarity Fund, which aims to help bridge the digital divide.

Reporting AIDS


Despite significant obstacles, a huge response has been mounted to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa. This report assesses how the role of the media could be improved. 

Who rules the internet?


Some argue that the current system of internet governance keeps the internet free and out of the hands of governments. But others say the system isn't transparent or accountable enough. 

Why calls in Africa cost more

A cheap and easy way of receiving satellite signals could revolutionise communication in remote areas of Africa. So why aren't governments rushing to adopt this new VSAT technology? 

Economics forever


Outlines some of the different ways being tried today to make the environment count in economic planning towards sustainable growth.

Crime or development


The cost of global crime is disproportionally crippling for developing countries. This report argues that cutting crime is essential for sustainable development.

Feast or famine


An overview of the issues and challenges surrounding food security.

Biodiversity: a matter of extinction


Plants, animals and micro-organisms are disappearing at an alarming rate, threatening future food supplies and production of new drugs.  

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