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Policy Briefs

Beyond consultation: a guide for commissioners


Doctor Marita Koumettou with a patient at the Dukes Avenue Practice, an NHS doctor's surgery in North London - Andrew Testa | Panos Pictures

Bringing service users and health staff together to shape and improve services and to identify and test practical changes is no easy task, but it is a valuable process.

Why the media matters in a warming world


Climate change journalism can protect people and promote development. This policy briefing explains how supporting journalists can help countries to implement policies that work, while meeting their international obligations.

ICTs and development in Zambia


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly important in achieving development goals and promoting citizen participation in the southern Africa country of Zambia.

Realising the potential of ICTs in Tanzania


Tanzania is including ICTs in their national development plans to help achieve their development goals and increase citizen participation.

The challenge of digital inclusion in Mozambique


Mozambique was one of the first African countries to have a national policy aimed at maximising the contribution of ICTs. Our policy brief explores the achievements and weaknesses of the policy.

ICTs and development in Zambia:
challenges and opportunities


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly important in achieving development goals and promoting citizen participation. Zambia is one of a number of countries in the Southern African region that have sought to include ICTs in their national development plans.

Seen and heard


Children have a key role in supporting families and communities affected by HIV and AIDS, yet their views and contributions are often ignored. This paper examines issues in children’s participation in responses to HIV and AIDS.

Up in smoke?


An aerial view of a forest with lots of smoke wafting through.

An ongoing series of reports exploring the key environment and development issues that are emerging across the globe as climate change begins to bite.

From words to action


Part of the Growing pains series, this paper challenges policymakers to find practical means to support children in the face of poverty and AIDS.

Making poverty the story


Many international donors are yet to appreciate that a vibrant, independent media sector is essential for development and needs support.

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