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Policy Briefs

At the heart of change


Belonging to a cooperative group gives these women in Cameroon the chance to communicate their views more widely. Sustainable development demands that people participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives / Giacomo Pirozzi - Panos Pictures

In this landmark publication Panos London sets out our vision for the role of communication in long-term, sustainable development.

What the papers aren’t saying


Despite being the leading cause of death among people living with HIV, this study shows that media coverage of TB remains minimal or non-existent.  

Speaking freely, being strong


Social movements have brought energy, vitality and self-defined change to local, national and international responses to HIV and AIDS. 

We are one but we are many


This paper weaves together recent research about social movements, public debate and communication, making the case for analysing social movements within communications and social change frameworks.

Whatever the weather


The media play an important role in stimulating discussion in developing countries. Yet this study shows it has a poor understanding of climate change and expresses little interest in it. 

Getting into the kitchen


This paper explores the linkages between policy, research and media.

Time for action on TB communication


Many logistical and medical components of the global response to tuberculosis (TB) are robust. The communication part isn’t. This briefing outlines why communication should be central to the TB agenda. 

The GM debate – who decides?


This report asks who is involved in and who is being left out of the debate on genetically modified (GM) food  – and how the media is covering the GM controversy. 

Voices from the mountain: Mexico


Interviews with the four indigenous Zapotec communities, for whom outside pressures and influences are increasing as never before.

Voices from the mountain: Pakistan

Herding in the pastures, hopes and fears about a new road, and education are key themes in this collection of interviews from a community in the far north of Pakistan.  

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