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Spark | evaluating social change communication

A multi-levelled communication strategy for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights.

Irela Solorzano, Director of Nicaraguan feminist organisation Puntos de Encuentro, and Professor Sarah Bradshaw from the University of Middlesex who has collaborated with Puntos on their work for many years, introduced their multi-media communication programme on the sexual and reproductive rights of young people, Somos Differentes, Somos Igual. (SDSI) – ‘We are different, we are equal’.

The programme includes a national TV programme, radio shows, training materials and workshops all aimed at young people – working to affirm rights of young people to make informed decisions and take responsibility for their lives and actions.

The programme grew from Puntos’ feminist orientation, rather than them being health specialists, and an aspect of the work related to HIV prevention, even while current HIV prevalence is low in Nicaragua, and the work went much beyond HIV and AIDS. Lessons from Uganda has shown the value of positive role models in the media contributing to public awareness and discussion and HIV prevention.

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