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Sparking debate – the Spark project

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There is an urgent need to learn from evidence and practice in HIV and AIDS responses. This need is to address some of the barriers to progress – particularly social barriers of stigma, marginalisation, poverty and inequity, which continue to be major obstacles to access to HIV prevention, treatment care and support.
Successful initiatives, and equally lessons from project failures, are rarely consolidated, reflected on and used to improve practice.

The Spark project was an effort to bring together the experiences of professionals around the world working with HIV and AIDS patients. In a series of lunchtime discussions, we tackled a range of issues that hinder the progress of HIV and AIDS treatment in the developing world.

The following are articles and discussions written from the Spark project.

Digital storytelling

Evaluating social change communication

Addressing homophobia and the decriminalisation of sex work

The gender-HIV challenge in Pakistan

Complexity theory

Social movements

HIV and AIDS stigma

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