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Annual reviews

Trustee report 2011

A young woman in Gwelekoro village in southern Mali listens to the radio. The villagers get most of their information about what is happening in the rest of the country from the radio - Andrew Esiebo | Panos London

Read our trustee report for 2011

Annual review and trustee report 2010

Shahera Begum makes a telephone call while her son Najmul Islam (19 months) plays with a toy guitar with his father in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By harnessing the potential of mobile telephones and other ICTs, Panos London helps improve access to health services - gmb akash | panos pictures

Read our annual review and trustee report for 2010.

Annual review and trustee report 2009

Our 2009 annual review illustrates the impact of our work with individuals and communities living in poverty and marginalised by their societies. We’ve worked with journalists and editors to help them investigate and report on the issues that affect the poor; and with policymakers, NGOs and others as we battle to expand the range of voices included in policy debates to promote change in policy outcomes.

Annual review and trustee report 2008

Panos London’s mission is to stimulate informed and inclusive public debate around key development issues in order to foster sustainable development.

Annual review and trustee report 2007

What lies at the heart of successful development and the transformation of society? We believe it is open communication channels, participatory information processes, and a free and independent media that effect real change.

Annual review and trustee report 2006/7

At Panos London we believe that the voices of poor and marginalised people, which so often go unheard, must illuminate our thinking and actions.

Annual review and trustee report 2005/6

Time to put communication at the centre of development. 2005 was a potentially momentous year for international development. The debates that raged and the campaigning that took place was greater than for decades.

Annual review and trustee report 2004/5

Communication is part of the fabric of all societies. Free, open, inclusive, participatory information, communication and media channels are the lifeblood of political discourse, a prerequisite for efficient and effective economies, and a crucial element of social change – in Lusaka as in London, in Lahore as in Los Angeles.