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Panos London is mainly funded through external grants. We would like to thank all our donors for their generous support which underpins our unique programme of activities.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

SIDA Panos London is grateful for the longstanding financial support provided by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The aim of Swedish aid is to encourage environments, and create conditions, that enable poor people to improve their lives. Development policy and development cooperation are the two pillars by which Sida seeks to achieve results in its global development work with special priority being given to three areas: democracy and human rights, gender equality and the role of women in development, climate and environment.

Other significant supporters

Department For International Development (DFID), UK
DFID was Panos London’s most significant donor in 2010 providing funding through the Partnership Programme Agreement (PPA), while also making a renewed commitment to the Relay programme: Communicating Research until March 2012. DFID also contributed to Panos London’s Climate Change programme, ensuring that developing country voices were heard in the debates at the UN Climate Change Summit in Cancun in December.

European Commission
The European Commission provides funding for our development awareness raising work among the public in Europe. This work – implemented through a project that creates links between media houses in Sweden, Poland and the UK and Southern journalists, mainly from Africa – stimulates greater public awareness, understanding and debate of the issues facing people living in developing countries and how these issues are linked to European policies and economic activities.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
IDRC is supporting a project implemented by Panos London and partners that strengthens links between the media and researchers in Eastern Africa. The aim of this work is to catalyse more inclusive policy-making on economic growth and poverty reduction through stronger communication and debate based on sustainable interaction between policy research bodies and media in Tanzania and Kenya.

Internews Europe
Internews Europe and Panos London continued to work together to promote and sustain the work of the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) in 2010. This partnership supported activities leading up to the United Nations Summit at Cancun in December, enabling journalists to attend and facilitating the bringing of voices and perspectives from developing countries into the debates taking place there.

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
IFAD contracted Panos London’s Voice programme to provide a collection of testimonies from communities in a number of countries for the Rural Poverty Report published in November. This was the latest in a history of mutually supportive collaborations between our two organisations.

Wellcome Trust
Wellcome Trust funding enabled the Relay programme to develop work in Bangladesh and Kenya to strengthen the relationship between media and researchers and other actors in coalitions and at-risk communities. The focus of this work was the promotion of more inclusive debate and awareness on sexual and reproductive health and development issues.

You can find more details about the amount of support individual donors have given, as well as details of previous supporters, to Panos London by visiting our Annual Reviews section, where annual financial reports are located.

Panos London is editorially independent. Its information outputs and products reflect a wide range of opinion and debate and often include conflicting views. It strives to include the voices of poor and marginalised people.