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Our global team of local journalists offers fresh perspectives, through print, radio and multimedia, on neglected development issues

Latest blog posts

Tributes to Panos London

Anna Egan | Panos London Blog

Panos London’s valued contribution to development and journalism has only been possible thanks to the people who worked here and our partners.

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The end of Panos London: a reflection

Site Default | Panos London Blog

James Deane joined Panos London at its founding and later became its director. Here is his personal account of Panos London’s contribution to communication for development.

I am committed to blog on

Mary Madiga | Voices from the Ground

Mary Madiga’s blogs aimed at a global audience have made people listen in her own state for the first time.

Thanks to Panos, I am now seen and heard

Bhan Sahu | Voices from the Ground

Bhan Sahu, Indian social activist describes how her blogs for Panos have inspired her son to help stop migration from her village.

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Latest features

Breaking rocks to pay her school fees

Lilly Peel | Photo feature

Like many Liberians, Mercy Womeh missed several years of education as a result of the 14-year civil war. She is now 18 and determined to complete her final two years of schooling. To fund her education, she crushes rocks.

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The world’s biggest school lunch programme

Divya Gupta | Print feature

India’s pledge to feed its hungry children sees it dishing up to 120 million school dinners a day. On World Food Day we visit Akshaya Patra, a charity helping deliver the world’s biggest school lunch programme.

A student at a public primary school in Kenya takes notes during a lesson - Adrian Gathu | Panos London

Is free education failing Kenya’s children? A mother’s dilemma

Audrey Wabwire | Radio feature

Children enjoy free primary schooling in Kenya. Yet many fail basic literacy tests and corruption has affected schools. Journalist and mother Audrey Wabwire explores the problems in this audio report.

Community gardens boost self-sufficiency in Argentina

Ana Bell | Print feature

A national organic gardening scheme in Argentina has been a huge success, providing fresh fruit and vegetables to 3.3 million people across the country. With food prices rising around the globe, Ana Bell meets local gardeners in Buenos Aires to hear their stories of self-sufficiency.

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