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Our journalists

Gustavo Alberto Bonato

Gustavo Alberto Bonato is a TV journalist working as a reporter for Canal Rural, the main Brazilian channel specialising in agriculture and agro-business.

Nicolas Alfredo Landa Tami

Nicolás Alfredo Landa Tami is Video reporter for NAPA, a TV program for kids between 11-16.

Navin Singh Khadka

Navin Singh Khadka is a journalist with the BBC Nepali service and also writes for other portals including the BBC Science and Nature online. Apart from producing and presenting programs, he reports and conducts interviews. He has been a journalist for nearly fifteen years and has worked with daily newspapers, magazines, radios, TVs and online….

Patrick Dambula

Patrick Dambula graduated from the Malawi Institute of Journalism in 2004, and started his career at the Weekly News. Later he moved to the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation where he still works. He has worked as an Editor, a Producer and a Senior Reporter based in Lilongwe, the capital city. His interest in environmental issues started…

Annabel Fuller

Annabel Fuller has worked for The Daily Observer newspaper as a journalist, reporting on important environmental issues in her country.

Ndiaga Seck

Ndiaga presents a weekly English language programme on Radio Sud FM Ziguinchor, in Senegal.

Our journalists come from all corners of the world.  Choose a journalist to find out more information and read their articles.

You can also see a map of journalists who are part of the Linking Southern Journalists project.

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