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Uganda: Small farmers pay their dues

11/27/2009 | Wambi Michael

Local authorities in Uganda collect taxes which are then used to pay for improvements to the local area. One such tax is a fee paid by farmers and traders who want to sell their goods at markets. Known locally as empoza, it's resented by many poorer traders.

Is fear of violence fuelling AIDS in Uganda?

05/26/2009 | Kakaire Kirunda

In Uganda concerns are growing that the fear of a violent reaction from famiy and friends to an HIV positive status may be leading to people avoiding the test, which could lead to an increase in HIV and AIDS infections.

Uganda’s search for eco-friendly fuel

04/07/2009 | Wambi Michael

Ugandans are looking for alternative fuel. Currently, firewood and wood-based-charcoal are the most popular household fuels. But wood for charcoal is becoming scarcer and demand for it has led to soaring prices and created environmental destruction. 

Uganda’s cooperatives rise again

01/28/2009 | Godwin Muhwezi-Bonge

Farming cooperatives fell from favour in the 1990s, marred by mismanagement and fraud. But dismayed by the free market, a new generation of small farmers are reviving the movement.

Herbal medicine: sorting healing from harm

12/17/2008 | Machrine Birungi

In Uganda, herbal medicines and traditional healers are often met with scepticism from the medical establishment. But is there any evidence that they work?

Going hungry in hospital

08/19/2008 | Collins Vumiria

Decent food is vital to aid recovery from TB. In Uganda, the end of a vital nutritional programme means tough times lie ahead for those fighting the illness.

Struggling to stop babies being born with HIV

07/23/2008 | Kakaire Kirunda

In Uganda, late testing and patchy antenatal provision are putting more mothers and children at risk. 

Experts in climate disaster

04/11/2008 | Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

Last year's devastating floods caught Uganda off guard. Is the country prepared for future weather-related disasters?

Landless and exposed to the elements

03/07/2008 | Salome Alweny

Uganda's Batwa communities have been marginalised for decades. Now they are struggling to cope with extreme weather conditions, and want better homes to protect them from storms and landslides.

Are ICTs empowering women?

02/06/2008 | Machrine Birungi

The cell phone business is thriving in Uganda and many believe the information technology sector at large offers hope for poorer people. But what are women getting out of it? 

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