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Uganda strives for a generation free from HIV

11/29/2007 | Kakaire Kirunda

Uganda's government wants to protect its teenagers from HIV, but it must first treat them as adults to give them the information they need.

Hard labour: stopping HIV in its tracks

11/29/2007 | Collins Vumiria

Sierra Leone: Traditional birth attendant, Isatu Kargbo, examines a pregnant woman - Jenny Matthews | Panos Pictures

Uganda's traditional birth attendants are trusted by women across the country to deliver their babies. With proper training, could they also help prevent mother to child transmission of HIV?

Debt by another name

07/17/2007 | Panos London

Microfinance has been hailed as a powerful weapon against poverty. In Uganda, the small loans business has boomed. But credit that first appears attractive can later become a debt-trap.  

Uganda’s battle to get pills to patients

07/02/2007 | Richard Kavuma

In Uganda donor money has secured HIV treatment for tens of thousands of people. But corruption has led to drug shortages while poverty and fear deter many from seeking treatment.

Common ground? Investigating the importance of managing land

04/21/2007 | Panos London

Research shows that people’s capacity to access and use land is important for economic growth, for poverty reduction, and for promoting both private investment and transparent, accountable government. Governments have a responsibility to establish systems which ensure access to land and housing for

Love is not evil

03/30/2007 | Panos London

In Uganda opinion is divided on whether to teach young people to abstain from sex or to give them contraceptive advice. Machrine Birungi visited a sexual health clinic for teenagers. 

I waited for my death

03/30/2007 | Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide die as a result of childbirth each year. Millions more survive to tell the tale – and researchers believe they could help cut deaths.

Schoolkids learn to make money

02/21/2007 | Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

Uganda wants to teach its children lessons in finance and in doing so hopes to create a generation of entrepreneurs. Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda reports from Kampala.

We are not eating our own food

01/25/2007 | Joe Nam

In Eastern Uganda, for generations being a farmer meant growing and eating your own food. But buying and selling food is becoming more common, and it is bringing new worries.

Return our forest

11/14/2006 | Panos London

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol resulted in investors lining up to finance huge tree plantations. But some accuse developing countries of clearing land better suited to crops, or driving indigenous peoples away.

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